Love and Lust

Hello everyone.
The post below, put in upper
case, did not originate from
me. The author is Ayanfeoluwa Lawal. Dr. Tope Oni, my dad, referred me to it and I was blessed by it, even though it’s brief.
Following his request (and willingly too) I decided to cull it from Facebook and post it on my blog; I pray you’ll be blessed in wisdom also.

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Hello 2014

Happy New Year everyone! All thanks to God for bringing us safely into 2014.

I smiled when I saw the theme of the year for my church— Foursquare Gospel Church.
“Our Year of Fulfilled Desires”
It sounded so complete, so satisfying, so reassuring! Like I’m just going to step into the year and plant my feet on blessings already laid on the ground for me.
The theme text is from Psalm 145:18-19
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.
He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
He also will hear their cry and save them.

Just like every promise, there is a condition for fulfillment.
“Call upon the LORD, cry to the LORD and fear Him.”
2014 has to be a year of constant prayer and communion with God, and walking in the fear of God.
Basically, the back-up verse for this theme is “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)
As always, God’s abundant grace comes into the picture. We can’t seek, fear and obey Him without His divine enablement.

VERSE 2014
Few days ago, I got a mail from YouVersion, telling me to
“Find… #Verse2014. A promise to reflect on. A different way of thinking. A new discipline.”
As I was going through my timeline that night, I saw a tweet on peace and then John 14:27 dropped into my spirit
“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
And I’m like “Yes, that’s the verse!”
I battle with fear and worry a lot! (Maybe because of my temperament) It was really crazy last year. I lost sleep,  shed tears, became depressed, and made bad decisions all because of fear and worry.
But as I focus on that verse every 365 days, I believe those weaknesses will be conquered by grace through faith in the unfailing words of my Lord Jesus Christ.
No matter the circumstances and news around me, I will always have divine peace within me, not the false sense of peace the world gives when things seem to go well for a while.

New year: Fresh goals and plans!
As I was reviewing year 2013, I regretted not following through with the goals I’d set at the beginning of the year. I think it’s because I did it reluctantly— my elder sister made me set those goals.
But now that I’m wiser, I’ve already (willingly) set my goals with time-frames. (Personal, academic, ministry)
That way, I can go through the year with a better sense of direction and purpose. I can also measure my achievements better. I only pray I implement the action plans without procrastinating.

New Years are not altogether new. New Years are not new beginnings, New Years don’t mean a new life. It is only a continuation of what has been; a fresh page in the book of your life, not a fresh book.
This means that your past will catch up with you. Previous decisions and choices will bear consequences this year. You will begin to reap the fruit of the seeds you’ve sown in past years, (while still sowing seeds for future years), be it good or bad. That exam you wrote last year, you will see the results this year. The changes you made to your appearance and behaviour last year during the holidays, people will witness them when school resumes, etc.
So brace yourself for whatever comes your way, remembering that you brought it upon yourself.

Life is all about answering questions.

● What is the overall purpose of my life?
● What gifts/talents do I have, and how can I use them for God’s glory and to bless others?
● What Christlike characteristics are missing from or underdeveloped in my life?
● What necessary skills do I lack and need to learn?
Life is all about learning, growing and changing!  And you’ll be doing a lot of that this year, as always.
I pray we all have a fulfilling year!

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Reflections ’13

During the 2012 crossover vigil, I remember my pastor saying “In the (mystic) world, 13 is associated with bad luck, and many such events will happen this year but this will not be so for us children of God.” (Paraphrased)
He was right; accidents on land and air, terrorist attacks, wars/conflicts, strikes, and all, occurred this year. But God’s grace abounded to my family and I: divine protection, provision, good health/divine healing, journey mercies, academic/career excellence, favour, fruitful friendships, to mention but a few.

“Many, O Lord my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no-one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare.”Psalm 40:5

2013 has to be my most interesting year so far. Many dramatic experiences that I never imagined would happen to me did happen; sometimes I’d feel thrilled, like I was a character in a book or movie, sometimes I’d feel dejected, like Fate was playing tricks on me. I went through many new experiences this year, the major one being that I got admitted into the university in March. The day before the session began, my elder sister got married. As I was packing my stuff in the evening, I was just crying, thinking of how much I’d miss her, and how suddenly my life was changing.
So many things changed this year! And I’m thankful to God for giving me the grace to adjust.
I’m thankful to God for keeping me through unfavourable, difficult times. On January 4th, I had a hurtful experience (that formed the basis for my story). I cried so much, thinking: “God, this wasn’t the deal we had, why did you let this happen to me so soon?”
But it was only a lesson preparing me for tougher exams, and God healed me quickly. I remember when I printed my admission letter from the JAMB website, I saw “Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education” instead of “Obafemi Awolowo University”. I was in so much despair, kept on wondering what went wrong since I had filled my form correctly. But I thank God that didn’t stop me from starting school this year. There was this time I passed out during a prayer meeting at school, I fell facedown and had lacerations all over my face. I’ve never felt so terrible and ugly in my entire life. People kept on offering me pity and it made me feel worse. But God healed me so soon and no ugly scars remained. Yes, this year was about emotional healing!
I don’t even need to talk about the boy drama and conflict with parents every teenager faces. You can imagine. I survived all that, Halleluyah.
I had good moments this year, thanks to all the beautiful people who showed me so much love. Apart from my family, every other significant person in my life came in this year. And I’m so grateful to God for them.
2013 was a year of going deeper with God. I got so much spiritual knowledge and insight and the Holy Spirit taught me a lot! I wasn’t as consistent as I wanted to be, there were many moments of rising and falling. There were times Jesus and I were intimate lovers, there were times we were just acquaintances. There were times my imperfection came between us, I’d fall into sin and break His heart (Wait…Jesus has a heart right? Not the one that pumps blood, of course) Still He loved me and showed me mercy and favour! It was and is so amazing!
2013 taught me to wait so much. Being an indifferent person by nature, sometimes I didn’t care. Sometimes, I did. It taught me patience.
I made foolish, reckless choices this year, to be honest. Made mistakes and caused myself pain. I am not proud of them but I’ve come to see them as necessary, though avoidable, experiences that taught me priceless lessons I may not have learnt otherwise. I don’t have time for regrets! God’s mercy has covered them. 🙂
I wrote a lot this year— this blog bears the testimony— and I’m thankful to God for constant inspiration!
I believe this year would have been more purposeful for me if I had been more serious with goal-setting and all, so that’s the first lesson I’m taking into 2014.
Finally, I discovered more about myself this year— Like realising my dominant temperament is Phlegmatic and not Melancholy (._.) — and I can say I’ve grown. I love myself and I am proud of who God made me to be.
Now I’m just reflecting and smiling with gratitude and joy in my heart, thinking “God, deal with me severely if I don’t become wiser in 2014.”

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures for ever.”- Psalm 136:1

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Mimosa 1.2


Another dash of Mimosa, this time by Dunni (dunnidoxa.wordpress.com) You know the the drill: read and share. Sorry I’m not perky, I’m a bit under the conch. But I’ll be here moderating. This poem I like, because it is the essence of what I’m trying to do on here: showcase the creative art of writing. Drop your comments to say how much you like, and also to wish me speedy recovery. I’ll sulk if you don’t.

I find her in paths I’ve never trod.
Dark alleys
Evil forests
Chapel aisles
And Stormy seas.

She lies in eyes I have never seen,
Those of a widowed bride
And a starving kwashiokor-stricken child.
I feel her in places I have never touched-
Shrivelled hands of a beggar,
Wrinkled, cheerful face of an old woman about to bid the world goodbye.

Behind thick unfriendly castle walls,
In the crevices of a rock,

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Happy WordPress Anniversary

I opened my WordPress app this morning and saw this

I didn’t even remember. LOL.
Well, WordPress has been a useful avenue for self-expression, of faith, opinion, and literature. @_Nuella was the one who encouraged me to open an account, and Amy Ojo too, unwittingly. And I’m glad I did.
So far:
56 posts (including reblogs)

Not too bad for a lazy baby-blogger 😀
I want to thank everyone who takes time to read my posts, comment and critique, and share:
Tele & Janus
Seun Odukoya
My Sensei
*sigh. The list goes on.
These include wonderful bloggers/writers who I look up to and learn from.
I want to thank all my followers too. Y’all are awesome.
And to everyone who told me to “Keep writing”, God bless you. By His grace, I will. Whether I have WordPress or not.
Uh, I’m not a celebrity who just received an award so this shouldn’t be long.
Bye! 🙂

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Apparition of Truth

It’s amazing how this poet weaves nature into her poems. Her diction is so superb. The whole poem is just lovely! *sigh

Rain-Chimes~ My Poetry Blog

A phantasm or a figment of fertile imagination
floating in recollection, a vivid picture
vision from fairy tales at ungodly hour of three
when tired clock’s hand somnambulate
pendulum dozes off to enter Somnus’ realms,
moon is sleepy and stars yawn in lethargy,
pall of silence enshrouds sleeping Rhea.

I felt breeze’s vague whisper
and woke up to rub drooping eyelids,
annoyance lingering in frowning creases,
and then I woke up with a start
dumbfounded at specter afore my eyes.

She was an ethereal beauty afloat on
sublime cloud of fluorescence,
standing staring mutely,
while pearls rolled down on ground,
she spoke, her voice hoarse with pent up grief~
I felt a flute play saccharine notes
into noise-tormented ears.

smiling a brave ,half-fleeting smile
as ray seeping through grayish clouds,
I saw scarlet, raw wounds agape on her,
her eyes a pleading saga of endurance~
blood smearing blanche gown in russet.

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Songs About AIDS (Free Comic Download)

It’s World HIV/AIDS day. Do download this comic please. Thank you.

Welcome to A.g(r)eek!


Salaam Aleikum

Greetings to everyone here today, as we celebrate World HIV/AIDS day. There is a reason why this day is a pretty significant one for me, at least. I lost an aunt to the virus, you see, and I will not turn down an opportunity to campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness.

This is why it is my immense pleasure, honor and joy to be doing this today in conjunction with Mr. Seun Odukoya. Today, in commemoration of the people we have lost to that deadly virus, and with hopes of enlightening those still with us about the dangers and consequences of HIV/AIDS, Seun Odukoya and Samuel Achema have created an 18-page comic titled “Songs About AIDS.”

Songs About AIDS is a free 18-page comic, created by Samuel Achema and Seun Odukoya and released in commemoration of the World’s AIDS Day. It is about a number of characters who…

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