Rondeau: Valediction

Hey, Good morning!
It’s a new week and I just worked on a new poetry form called the Rondeau. You remember the Triolet right? Yes, I discovered the Rondeau on the same blog I discovered the triolet. So here’s my entry for Cubby’s Rondeau Challenge
In summary, a rondeau is a verse form of fifteen lines running on two rhymes; the opening phrase is repeated as the refrain of the second and third stanzas.
Here we go:


When I am gone, a dirge, don’t hear.
Cry a trickle, waste not your tears.
Of weaklings, that is the patois.
Pain awaits, keep a reservoir
In your eyes, for the latter years.

Black is eerie, funerals queer.
Buy a coffin, bury your fear.
Inter my corpse in your memoir
When I am gone.

Smile back when Despair dares to leer,
Letters from Sorrow, do well to sear.
Though Grief propels you to butcher
Memories in Mind’s abattoir,
Never forget that my heart cared,
When I am gone.

I heard a lot about death yesterday so that was the inspiration for the post. (R.I.P Paul Walker)
I hope I get to write an uplifting rondeau some other time. πŸ™‚
I hope you liked it too.

P.S: Blaqknyght is holding a 30-day blog challenge, yes, and metaphysical/mystical poetry is (or is supposed to be) the major theme. (And I just submitted my entry *Whew*) Do me a favour by following the blog. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Rondeau: Valediction

  1. Dunni how dare u let someone comment before me????? Arrrrrrghhhhhh! Btw dis is so murky and sad,’keep a reservoir,in your eyes….’ Wooow! Yes I do believe u owe us a more uplifting piece,I’ll be waiting
    Nice job once more,eku ise oluwa

  2. I’ve never seen or heard of a rondeau before. It appears to be something interesting and worth playing with. I think you did a great job with it. As usual you have very fluid lines. For me the best one here is “Buy a coffin, bury your fear.”

    Keep writing!

  3. I love the last part the most “Though Grief propels you to butcher Memories in Mind’s abattoir, Never forget that my heart cared”. Sad and beautiful.

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